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Growing kids faithfully for over 125 years!

A graduate student of St. Mary School, who has been enrolled from Kindergarten through 8th Grade, will stand out from their peers in whatever high school he/she chooses, through the integrity of their character, their ability to apply work ethics, and by showing care and compassion for the people in their lives. A St. Mary School graduate:


  • Sees themselves as a child of God
  • Studied Catholic doctrine
  • Understands the personal reward of living the Gospel in daily life
  • Understands how active participation in Sacraments and devotionals, such as praying the Rosary and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, can enhance their faith life
  • Has grown in their understanding of the importance of actively and regularly participating in the Catholic Mass


  • Is a critical and creative thinker who possesses exceptional study skills with strong self-discipline
  • Achieves academic scholarship at the highest level of their ability
  • Has a strong academic foundation to support learning at the high school level
  • Holds an appreciation of the fine arts
  • Is an effective communicator both in the written and spoken word
  • Continues life-long learning that leads to healthy lifestyles as an adult
  • Can discern if team work or leadership is needed to achieve an end goal

Civic Responsibility:

  • Demonstrates moral and ethical decision making
  • Has the confidence to mentor those around them in religious, educational, and social settings
  • Practices stewardship in many forms, including service to others by giving time, talent, and treasure
  • Is civically responsible by showing respect, empathy, and tolerance of fellow citizens who hold different beliefs
  • Is eco-friendly in the preservation of God’s wondrous creation of the world
  • Has made life-long friendships
  • Possesses a healthy self-esteem and exhibits self-confidence in all factions of life