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Growing kids faithfully for over 125 years!
"Sending our children to St. Mary's was an easy choice, we wanted our kids to be at a school that put values first. We felt that if we raised our kids in an environment that surrounded them with love and respect, everything else would fall into place. What we never expected, was the community of friends that we would make in the process. Our School and Church truly feel like family!" - Parents of Eighth, Fifth & Kindergarten Students


Once a month we gather for a free night of fun! We share a potluck and play a movie on a big screen in the gymnasium for all to enjoy. Throughout the year we will hold a Home, School & Church Meeting while the movie is playing. All families are encouraged to attend, minutes will be posted here if you miss it. If you have feedback for one of our Home, School & Church officers, please feel free to contact them directly by clicking on their name. These folks are awesome volunteers who are dedicated to the importance of Home, School & Church working together to raise some GREAT kids!