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Growing kids faithfully for over 125 years!


St. Mary School serves the parishes of the Immaculate Conception Church of the Blessed Virgin, St. Patrick’s Church of Erin Prairie, the New Richmond community, and the surrounding areas. St. Mary School exists to pass on the values and teaching of the Roman Catholic Church and is open to all families of faith who accept the philosophies and mission of St. Mary School.  

St. Mary School students ages three through eighth grade grow in knowledge through having their needs and abilities met by nurturing and compassionate staff. Students grow in faith by having God placed in the center of learning.  Dedicated staff are devoted to students realizing their potential as God’s children.  All are welcome to follow in faith as members of God’s kingdom.

Our mission calls us as teachers, parishioners, parents, and students to serve in harmony by being active members of our communities and promoting Catholic values through civic responsibility, charity, leadership, peace, and tolerance.


St. Mary School is part of the Catholic community supported by Immaculate Conception and St. Patrick’s Parishes.  It is the school’s goal to educate the children of the faith community in the Catholic tradition to promote the lifestyle of being Disciples of Christ, to bring forth the Good News, and evangelize to the community around them.

St. Mary School strives to bring each student to the realization they are a child of God with unique and special talents and that each is important and worthy of love from parents, peers, church, and community.   Students will be prepared to become productive, virtuous citizens and church leaders who will fashion a more humane and just world.

St. Mary School provides a formal Catholic education in conjunction with Wisconsin state standards to foster a culture of educational excellence through critical thinking skills, technology, innovative and rigorous curriculum standards, a global perspective, and an emphasis on moral education, community, and service.